7 Things to Consider When Buying Commercial Vehicles

7 Things to Consider When Buying Commercial Vehicles

If buying a car for home is considered as a big decision for its owner, then imagine the complexity involved in purchasing a fleet of vehicles for commercial use. The light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, tippers, tractors and buses, that require being on long-routes for long hours and even days should ideally be of high-quality, should be sturdy, abide by all safety norms and require less maintenance.

Therefore, today, we bring you 7 things to consider when buying a commercial vehicle-


Consider the Engine




Deciding the engine size is a vital decision that businesses need to make when purchasing a commercial vehicle. For instance, for a commercial carrier like trucks that will be used for everyday commuting and regular-sized transportation of items, a 4-cylinder engine should be adequate. This category is considered cost-efficient as it helps save money on fuel. However, for moving any object larger than that, full-sized trucks with 5, 6 and 8-cylinder engines will be more versatile and powerful. Therefore, the engine size will determine the usage of the vehicle.


Cabin sizes 



As commercial vehicles are mostly used for driving long-haul trips, thus a suitable cabin size is something one should be thoughtful about when making this big purchase. A 2 doors drive can seat 2 or 3 adults while those with 4 full-sized doors are comfortable for 5 to 6 passengers. The cab size may, however, affect the length of the truck's bed. The bed sizes generally range from 5.5 feet and go up to 8 feet in length, with some companies also providing a bed extender option. It is therefore essential to balance the several cab sizes available from different truck manufacturers to the requirement.

Check the Safety Features



Almost all trucks have basic safety features like front airbags and seatbelts. Carefully review the necessary safety gears and rear jump seats before buying the wheel. All these need to be designed to perfection to offer proper protection in case of an accident. Also, go through its regulatory compliance and safety standard guidelines.





When buying a fleet, it is recommended to find out if the dealership is equipped to handle the special needs of a business. For instance, the BharatBenz Commercial vehicle dealership has dedicated 7 centers across the region and a team of accomplished reps who can handle all kinds of queries. Buying from a renowned dealership like them is suggested as they will mostly have a committed department who will be well-aware of the different models, their competitive edge and features. This will, thus, make it easy for small or medium business owners make an informed decision and, thereby, buy the right vehicle for use.


Know your financing option

Financing options are integral when making a big purchase like buying of commercial vehicles. Therefore, weigh the various prospects like cash purchase, partial payment purchase, a business contract hire, and credit purchase carefully. It is also a good idea to narrow down the dealership or check with a banking institution on any pre-approved small-business auto financing choices available to them. This wise decision will minimize cost and maximize the flexibility of your business.


Test Drive




With many attractive commercial vehicle alternatives available, it is advisable to conduct your research and request for a test drive. This will allow examining the gears, brakes, wheels, and speed of the commercial vehicle. Also, check on its maneuverability by driving it through curves and turns and also examine the other automated and advanced features available in today's ultra-modern trucks.


Maintain it well




If you don't commit to maintaining your commercial vehicle, it may become a liability rather than an asset. Whichever commercial vehicle that you may finally buy for your business, regular servicing and maintenance is the key to keeping the down costs. Hence, keep a thorough check on the scheduled maintenance plans for all vehicles, and send it to an authorized center that has fully trained and qualified technical support teams.

Buying decision should ideally combine various requirements with the available options. After all, it is a considerable investment that will require thorough research before the purchase. With various ultra-modern trucks, in all weight categories 9 to 49 tonnes commercial vehicle available, a good investment will be the one that will be compliant, smooth on the road and easy to maintain.

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