BharatBenz 1617R: The Most Versatile Medium Duty Truck To Fulfil All Your Needs

BharatBenz 1617R: The Most Versatile Medium Duty Truck To Fulfil All Your Needs


As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, the logistics industry is feeling a lot more crush than most other enterprises. With many construction projects resuming and more outlets opening up, the demand to transport goods has increased a lot. Alongside that has increased the need for medium duty trucks to take the load, since most of the material fits the volume. And when you take into context the supply chain at stake and the BharatBenz 1617R price, you will find that this MDT is a really good deal.


The 1617R launched with BharatBenz BS6 specifications in India, complying with all the emission norms as per the government. It borrowed a lot of design cues from its European counterparts, with more focus put on reliability and efficiency, which made it perfect for plying Indian roads. Even during the pandemic, this truck saw massive sales all across India, with numerous businesses building their entire fleets of 1617Rs. But what made this truck so attractive towards logistics? Let’s find out…


  • 1:- Strong body that can take on most loads


The BharatBenz 1617R has the capability to carry most medium duty loads.


For a truck, the carrying capacity is a premiere focus, as many logistics experts would tell you. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is what most of them have a keen eye on. For the BharatBenz 1617R, it is a whopping 16.2 tonnes. Not bad for a vehicle that measures around 10 metres long. BharatBenz achieves this with a strong body over a robust stainless steel chassis, keeping things stiff while hauling cargo and absorbing road bumps with ease. This also plays a vital role in the truck’s safety and handling, something that we’ll discuss further.


  • 2:- A truck you can customize for any need


The BharatBenz 1617R is highly customizable as per your need.


The greatest benefit that the BharatBenz 1617R price can fetch you is choice. Its modular frame is highly customizable to suit your specific logistical needs, or you could just go for a standard build that can write off a wide variety of manifests. The 1617R comes in three wheelbase sizes, each with a different trailer span. The rear axle ratio can also be selected from two options, depending on whether you want better fuel economy or greater towing capacity. There are even some versions that are converted to tankers, facilitating the transportation of volatile substances like oxygen and petroleum. This truck is so customizable, you can get two different colour schemes – Arctic White and Golden Brown - right out of the gate. Pretty neat, right?


  • 3:- Powerful yet reliable engine


With a common rail system, the BharatBenz truck engine is both powerful and efficient.


Creating a powertrain that has plenty of low-end torque yet maintains an economic life cycle is something next to impossible. However, it seems that the engineers have BharatBenz really put in some wizardry and pulled it off. According to the latest BharatBenz BS6 specifications, the 1617R comes equipped with a 4D34i diesel engine, capable of producing more than 500 Nm of torque while still maintaining good fuel economy. Combined with a common rail system and a G85 synchromesh gearbox, this is one tough carrier that can last thousands of kilometres before you need to pop the hood for maintenance.


  • 4:- No compromise with safety

The 1617R is a truck whose interiors are safe as well as comfortable. 


The one thing that you’ll get with any of Daimler’s subsidiaries, like Mercedes-Benz, is that this is a group that gives top priority to safety. BharatBenz trucks are not exempted from that, either. With a securely designed frame that incorporates immense strength and clever crumple zone placement, the 1617R is able to ensure that all its occupants can walk away from any accident without much hurt. And that is a one-in-a-million case when you realize that an array of safety systems, from ABS to hydraulic assisted power steering, can help the driver remain clear of any dangers that lie ahead.


  • 5:- Driving your business without worries


BharatBenz's expansive service network makes sure you get assistance anywhere.


It is not just the engine that makes this truck a favourable pick. Many business owners are also attracted by the various valuable services that BharatBenz offers for their fleet. These include benefits like Proserv and Dieselaabh that ensure perfect running condition for every truck with minimal downtime. Other additional advantages can also be availed such as Truckonnect, a smart service that lets the owners monitor each of their fleet vehicles in real time. Talk about bringing a decades-old method to a digital age.


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When it comes to medium duty trucks, there is a lot of stress these vehicles have to endure than what most people realize. It is like when you watch action movies and see a character doing dangerous stunts, not realizing that it is actually a stuntman and not the actor himself. Heavy duty trucks make a lot fewer trips since their transportation schedules are far apart, whereas smaller ones often function for days on end. With the 1617R, BharatBenz has realized what an MDT really means for the logistics industry, and how to best deliver it for this country.

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