Top 5 Reasons That Make BharatBenz Staff Bus Ideal For Office Commutes

Top 5 Reasons That Make BharatBenz Staff Bus Ideal For Office Commutes


With most of the country opening up and getting back to regular business, it is a peak time to consider safe and sound mode of commutes for government and corporate staff. Office buses are something historically treated with a bit of cynicism. Let’s be honest, how many times have you considered one for yourself or your colleagues to get you to and from your workplace on a daily basis.


However, there are some manufacturers that are starting to observe the changing scenario. As more and more people try to report to office, it is a logistical challenge to get them to the premises while ensuring their safe and comfortable travels. However, there is a major manufacturer that stands out from the crowd. With the success of BharatBenz trucks laid bare, let us see if their staff buses can actually be any good.


 1- Comfort On The Go



Every organization loves happy employees. And employees cannot be happier when they reach the office without the trials and tribulations of the rush-hour traffic. Staff Buses from BharatBenz are often packing more features that cater to the comfort of the passengers than you’ll find in any other mode of public transport. These include a noise vibration harness, HVAC air conditioner with automatic climate control, mobile chargers, cargo nets, cup holders along with various other conveniences.


 2- Supreme BharatBenz Quality



The name ‘BharatBenz’ might remind you a lot about some luxury car manufacturer, and you’ll be right to think so. Mercedes-Benz and BharatBenz both come under the same umbrella of Daimler AG, sharing much of the resources among each other. Just like their well-known car counterpart, BharatBenz office buses are built with utmost attention to quality. With a ruthless inspection program, there is not a single bus that dodges quality checks and makes to the road without proper testing.


 3-Customizable Buses For Every Need



Not all commercial ventures employ the same people and many have fluctuating budgets to manage. Just like the BharatBenz trucks, their staff buses are also highly customizable to fit into the transportation budget of any organization. If required, you can cut down on a few luxuries to keep the commutes cost effective. On the flip side, you can add on a few quality-of-life features such as an LED destination board and an electrical pneumatic service door to better incentivize the employees to take this mode of commute to the office.


 4-Safe And Built To The Code



When designing any form of road transport, especially in India, safety should be high on the priority list. Otherwise, you know, you might be having a lot more vacancies than usual. To avoid that, BharatBenz is keen on building each of their heavy vehicles built with strict adherence to the established CMVR, AIS, and government norms. All BharatBenz staff buses come with advanced safety features such as ITS, RPAS, FDAS and ABS, even though they haven’t yet hit all the alphabets. The Long Platform Overhang(LPO) design ensures good visibility and perfect balance for the passengers, so you can decide whether to jump off if you see your ex on the next bus stop. Keeping in mind the recent pandemic, BharatBenz also offers features to keep the coronavirus out like a UV filtration system for the bus interior, temperature gauges for the passengers, and an automated sanitizer dispenser.


 5-Unmatched Reliability With Low Maintenance



Of course, there must be something to sweeten the deal for the operators. Thanks to their robust build and a steadfast powertrain, all BharatBenz buses last for a lot of miles before pulling up for an oil check. The chassis can withstand varying loads with the parabolic suspension keeping things stable over rough roads. And to top it all off, all office buses from BharatBenz come with a 2-year replacement warranty for all major systems.


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Getting back to office after several months of staying at home is a difficult task, both physically and mentally, to put back into a daily habit. No surprise that many of the employees wouldn’t like to drive along the route on their own, especially when they have so much work to look forward to. In this situation, staff buses can prove to be an invaluable asset to ensure proper health and safety for the entire staff during the commutes, while providing an atmosphere of relaxation before and after working hours that all of them would surely appreciat

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