How BharatBenz 1917R Can Take Your Logistics Business To New Heights

How BharatBenz 1917R Can Take Your Logistics Business To New Heights

Alright, let’s start with a simple question. Why do you think people use smartphones? Is it because it is a trend, their sleek style, or just to stay connected? Different users may have their share of reasons, but no one can deny that a smartphone is a single device that can perform a variety of tasks. What if something like that happened at a larger scale, say for a BharatBenz truck price. What if your logistics business only needed one type of truck to keep it going? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? That is what they kept in mind as they green-lit the BharatBenz 1917R for the production line.


Although the technology incorporated with this truck is mostly conventional, it is adaptive design is perfect for use when the logistic supplies come in a variety of forms, something that is really hard to pull off for most transport trucks in Punjab. Often times, various trucks need to be included in the fleet to account for various types of cargo. For example, a tipper truck designed to carry raw cement can not be as effective for transporting cars, which is what heavy haulage tractors are for. As a consequence, some of them end up just gathering dust in a compound for no purpose at all. In light of that, let’s see how the 1917R can become a game changer for the trucking business.


  • Range of sizes to choose from


Right off the bat, you could see things looking uphill. As you approach a BharatBenz dealership in Punjab, say Globe Trucking, you’ll be offered to choose from any of the wheelbase, axle, and bed sizes, with different trims. This proves just how adaptive the BharatBenz 1917R is, kind of like you going to the restaurant and there are five specials for the day. These sizes determine the range of cargo that the truck can carry. Thus, for a more conventional logistics venture, you can save some money going for the smaller version, or invest a bit more now and save on having to buy a totally different truck later.


  • Lightweight, swift on the gas


No matter how much a truck is able to carry, if it can’t reach its destination on time, then it is a total waste of investment. Lucky for you, the 1917R comes standard with the BS6 4D34i engine that transmits all of its 167 hp and 520 Nm of torque to a DANA S 130 rear axle. This combination not only provides plenty of acceleration to keep the truck going on open roads, but also gives the 1917R the ability to manage heavier loads for longer periods of time compared to conventional cargo trucks.


  • Fuel efficient yet reliable


When you have a single truck type in your fleet that is meant to handle multiple forms of cargo, it cannot get by without high efficiency. That is where the benefits of 1917R truly shine. With a common rail system providing fuel with just the right pressure and an e-viscous fan to maintain the heat, the engine gulps diesel rather judiciously. Reliability is also not left out the window. The influence from its Mercedes-Benz car counterparts is realized to its full potential, as the BharatBenz truck price gets you a commercial vehicle that can go for thousands of miles without requiring maintenance.


  • Safe for all travels


At BharatBenz, the safety of the staff and other commuters on the road takes a priority spot. That is why all BharatBenz trucks, including the 1917R, come standard with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that provide proper traction during emergency braking condition. Since most of the accidents are a result of the vehicle going out of control, the 1917R comes loaded with equipment to make sure it never happens. The hydraulic power steering and dual pneumatic brake lines keep the driver fully engaged while the multi-leaf spring suspension adds stability for the heavy loads. Additionally, the cabin is reinforced to take in most of the impact, keeping the occupants safe in case of a collision.


  • Always within reach of service


Operating a whole fleet of transport trucks that often cover multiple states is a stressful attempt for everyone involved. That is what the wide network of BharatBenz, one that spans across hundreds of cities across India, is a great asset at your disposal. With the 1917R, many of the parts are shared by the various trims, allowing for easier serviceability and repairs. Moreover, BharatBenz offers services like Proserv and Truckonnect to help keep the maintenance of all the trucks in the fleet efficient.


The transport trucks in Punjab are seeing a major shift in recent months, primarily as a result of the impact of COVID-19. Logistics businesses are facing a lot of challenges, not only because of the increased demand but also due to the recovering infrastructure of transportation across the country. In such a scenario, a truck that is as versatile as the BharatBenz 1917R can provide a lot more than just a faster recovery to the path of normalcy.


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