How BharatBenz Makes The Most Fuel-Efficient Trucks In The Country

How BharatBenz Makes The Most Fuel-Efficient Trucks In The Country


To run any vehicle, it is best to ensure that the fuel is utilized best. That is a major factor for the success or failure of a logistics business, especially the ones that employ commercial vehicles in large fleets. While many commercial vehicle dealers in India make bold claims about the performance and fuel efficiency of their trucks, very few actually hold up to the brochures. Fuel efficient trucks have an increased demand in recent months, since nowadays medical supplies and packages ordered online mostly see their way through roads in the back of trucks. However, that is not something that you need to worry about if you got your trucks from Globe Trucking.


Being the exclusive dealer of BharatBenz trucks in India, Globe Trucking has made its name over the years through their varied inventory and high quality of commercial vehicles. Most prominent on the roads in Northern India and based in Punjab, Globe Trucking has ensured that when your business has to pay the bills due at the end of a cycle, the fuel costs never create a lot of burden on your accounts. You might be wondering how can that be possible for such huge vehicles? Well, the credit for that goes to clever engineers from BharatBenz. Let’s put our thinking caps on and take a look at what makes BharatBenz trucks so fuel efficient.


 1. E-Viscous Fan


Temperature is the biggest enemy of any engine. As big diesel engines operate over long periods of time, such as in a truck carrying supplies, it generates heat that disrupts the balance of fuel consumption. To keep such an engine cool, BharatBenz trucks have an e-viscous fan installed in all models as standard. This is a feedback fan, meaning it changes the speed according to the rise in heat of the engine. This means that the engine never goes too hot as to overheat nor gets too cold as to misfire. The correct temperature keeps the truck’s fuel efficiency stable and extends the maintenance cycle so that the operator saves money on maintenance as well.


 2. Common Rail System



Diesel engines are bigger in size than petrol engines due to their increased compression ratio. This means that in big engine, like trucks, there needs to be a lot of pressure before power can be delivered. It usually ranges around 1600 bar, which is very difficult to maintain. Yet, BharatBenz has a clever way to do that through the use of a common rail system. This keeps the pressure heads of all injectors at the same level, so the fuel is inserted at the right pressure for each of them. This makes it easier for the diesel to atomize into little droplets, giving you a fuel efficient truck in the long run.


 3. Unitized Pumps



That much pressure calls for specialized pumps to be put in place, otherwise the engine can revert the pressure back to the fuel tank and cause a jam. BharatBenz trucks utilize advanced digitally controlled unitized pumps that supply the right amount of diesel to the valves when required. These are tough enough to handle over 3000 bar of pressure, so the regular 1600 bar during use is like child’s play. These pumps have an in-built mechanism that sprays the diesel into little droplets before entering the cylinder. This gives you a more concentrated air-fuel mixture which results in more power and, of course, better fuel efficiency.


 4. ECU



ECU stands for Engine Control Unit. Thanks to its sister company Mercedes-Benz, BharatBenz has been able to utilize the necessary resources and manufacture custom ECUs that are better suited for commercial heavy vehicles. This is something not a lot of commercial vehicle dealers in India can boast of. BharatBenz ECUs are mapped specifically to maintain fuel efficiency as more torque is delivered early in the engine’s rev range. This means that the driver never needs to floor the accelerator to get the most out of the engine. Since the maximum torque is developed early on, there is no need to get the engine to higher revs, keeping the fuel consumed at quite low levels over the course of a long haul.


5. Engine Brake



Engine braking is not something a lot of people are familiar with. It is the art of slowing the vehicle down by lowering the power of the engine to conserve energy, instead of using the brakes that waste energy in the form of heat. Heavy duty BharatBenz trucks come with a sophisticated engine braking system. If the exhaust brake is on and the driver applies the brakes, the engine braking system turns the power from the engine down before the brakes are applied. This is especially useful in this case as large trucks have a tendency to slip when sudden brakes are applied and often travel on open highways. This system give the truck enough time to get a grip and stop in a quick manner, whilst keeping the definition of a fuel efficient truck maintained.


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There is no doubt that fossil fuel reserves will run out one day. Companies like Isuzu and Honda are already working on new logistic plans that require alternative sources of energy to run commercial vehicles. Still, it might be decades before that technology finds its way to become mainstream. Until then, it is best to go for fuel efficient trucks that run on diesel. This is a great decision for the finances of your business and Johnny the Polar Bear will also appreciate your bit to reduce air pollution. Not exactly though, but it is something that is sure to keep your spirits high.

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