Want To Buy A Tipper Truck In Punjab? These Are The Things You Should Consider

Want To Buy A Tipper Truck In Punjab? These Are The Things You Should Consider

Whether it is a construction company transporting building material or a major manufacturer transporting ore to processors, tipper trucks are the rugged machines that fulfil one of the most important tasks in our economy. Away from prying eyes, these activities can be the lifeblood of hundreds of people that work hard every day to get the most basics of any manufacturing going. While most commercial vehicle dealers tend to stay away and keep their hands clean, just focusing on the regular on-road vehicles instead, there is one that has an expansive inventory for just the right job.


BharatBenz is a premium manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India. And if you ever considered truck prices in Punjab, you would know commercial vehicles cost a lot to purchase and run. Thankfully, through its exclusive commercial dealer Globe Trucking, this is one manufacturer that has made a serious name for itself. For most commercial vehicle dealers in Punjab, quoting a tipper truck price  is something of a moneymaker as most would like to price-gouge something that is not available as a fleet so easily. However, BharatBenz makes sure that you get what you pay for and the trucks are good for years to come. In that spirit, here are the things you should be concerned about when buying tipper trucks in Punjab.


 Built To the Code


BharatBenz Tipper Truck Design

All BharatBenz tipper trucks adhere strictly to the AIS codes and other government regulations for heavy vehicles, ensuring design feasibility and safety in the best possible manner. Thanks to their state-of-the-art design facility that includes the latest in CAD software, BharatBenz is able to deliver the trucks that are ready to face adverse conditions of the rugged mines and steep slopes. All such trucks have ample rollover compliance and enough clearance to traverse the toughest of terrains across India.


 Supreme Durability and Capacity


BharatBenz tipper trucks are durable and have best-in-class capacity

For forging a path where none exists, tipper trucks need to be durable. Before buying one for your needs, you should ensure that the truck will last for a lot of kilometres before an engine check is required. Also, capacity is an important factor to consider. You should not have to let a heavy vehicle make multiple trips for cargo. Lucky for you, BharatBenz makes its tipper trucks to last thousands of miles before needing so much as an oil change. As far as capacity is concerned, with a largest available box size, you can carry up to 35 tonnes in a single go.


 Ease Of Operation


Driving tipper trucks from Globe Trucking feels convenient and comfortable

This is the reason most drivers in the industry love BharatBenz trucks. Step inside and the cabin may be familiar to anyone who has ever driven a family sedan before. The controls are handy and easy to reach from the driver’s seat. BharatBenz is one of the precious few commercial vehicle manufacturers that actually care for the comfort of the driver, letting them enjoy the luxury of air conditioning and plush seats as they go about their hard work for the day. That is something that you should consider from your commercial vehicle dealer since happy employees often translate to great profits.


 Reliability and Performance


All BharatBenz trucks have stronng frames and come loaded with safety features

Okay, this should be a priority. Your tipper truck should be able to go through the conditions most other commercial vehicles simply shy away from, and do it rather boldly. With a BS VI rated OM 926 engine that puts out 850 Nm of torque, BharatBenz obliterates its competition. These trucks have gradeability of more than 40%, which means they are ready to ace the rough road conditions in their way. Add to that safety features like ABS, a strong chassis, and various control systems that hold ground in any weather, and you have the toughest of all tough vehicles. In fact, BharatBenz is the only India-based heavy vehicle manufacturer that has standard crash-tested steel cabins for all trucks.


 Dependable Service Network


globe trucking offers a widespread and reliable service network for its commercial vehicles in Punjab

BharatBenz operates a widespread network of maintenance centres that ensure that your tipper truck fleet is operating at peak condition, with no compromise for safety or operational capacity for the vehicles. Just like any other commercial vehicle, these trucks are seen to by a talented staff using nothing but genuine parts for repairs. Moreover, with tools on offer like Truckonnect and Proserve, you can get a clear insight into the daily operations of your fleet. This transparency often proves crucial to determine the cracks that let your profits fall through.


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Buying tipper trucks at decent prices is hard. Their maintenance and fuel charges combined with a dedicated driving team make them even harder to employ. These trucks take a lot of punishment and still keep going to get the economy running with the most basic of materials that stand beneath our industry. BharatBenz has stood up for the challenge and completed its objective of delivering the performance with a low tipper truck price alongside various attractive offers. One thing is for sure, you would not find a better deal with any other commercial vehicle dealer in Punjab.


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