Top 6 Reasons That Make BharatBenz Tipper Trucks The Best In Punjab

Top 6 Reasons That Make BharatBenz Tipper Trucks The Best In Punjab

Away from prying eyes, heavy-duty tipper trucks perform the monumental task of setting the bedrock of our nation’s economics. Getting down into vast chasms of minerals and dirt, these trucks see more punishment during operation than most other heavy vehicles. The people who operate such machines perform an invaluable service to our country. So, it only remains fair that the people manufacturing those machines have utmost respect and care for these heroes.


In India, you will find a lot of heavy vehicle manufacturers that would like to offer the best offers on tipper truck price by volume, but BharatBenz tippers are the ones that tick the quality box as well. When you look for a tipper truck, you need to ensure it is rugged, tough, and able to go on for long working hours without needing any repairs. To hold true to such requirements, here are the 6 major reasons that make BharatBenz tipper trucks the best in Punjab.


 1. Extra Strong Chassis




A 20% deeper steel chassis is standard for all BharatBenz tipper trucks. This allows them to bear the heaviest of loads without any deformation to the bed or passenger compartment. Drawing inspiration from its Mercedes-Benz cousins, all BharatBenz trucks are designed individually according to the required specifications. Staying well within the established AIS parameters for safety, you can assure that no major damage would be sustained by the truck over its use cycle. The stiff chassis also helps with the handling of heavy-duty tipper trucks, something that we’ll come back to later.


 2.Heavyweight Gearbox



Large trucks often require large gearboxes, something overlooked by most manufacturers in case of tipper trucks. However, BharatBenz makes sure to not make that mistake and provides big synchromesh transmissions, able to handle the torque from the engine. Using single plate hydraulic controlled clutch, this gearbox keeps the big gears from coming into contact with one another during shifts. This translates to less heat generated and better life for the gearbox in the long run. The bigger gears help to easily transmit the massive amounts of torque to the required wheels, keeping the truck in motion regardless of the carried load.


 3. Unmatched Engine Performance


The OM926 engine is the powerhouse that runs all BharatBenz tipper trucks, albeit with a slight variation for each model. Delivering up to 1100 Nm of torque at as low as 1000 rpm, the initial torque is beneficial especially in the rough of the mines. That is why these trucks never fail to move when faced with harsh terrain or steep inclines. Moreover, Globe Trucking makes sure that if you pay for a tipper truck price, you get the most for your money. The engine meets BS VI emission norms and is very fuel-efficient for its size as well. This means you further save on fuel costs when planning a big logistics operation.


 4. Reliable And Robust Build



Tipper trucks in Punjab usually carry a lot more variety of loads than just raw mineral ore or coal. With many construction projects now underway in the country, BharatBenz tries to maintain the quality of the trucks for as diverse uses as possible. That is why every truck is built from the ground up with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, involving cutting-edge CNC machining and carefully crafted materials. Most heavy-duty tipper trucks from BharatBenz can last a lot of miles before a peek is needed inside the engine compartment. Equipped with a parabolic leaf spring suspension, the truck can comfortably cruise when carrying heavy loads, even not flinching during unloading, which creates the maximum stress in the chassis.


 5. Incredible Handling




One thing that would absolutely blow you away is how much better BharatBenz tipper trucks are in handling when compared to its competitors. Combining a stiff chassis (as mentioned before) and hydraulic assisted power steering in a single vehicle, most of the HDT-class trucks have a turning radius of 16 metres or less. That is smaller than some luxury sedans. Want more? The pneumatic disc-brake system has dual-channel ABS, which can stop the truck promptly even when travelling at speeds close to 60 Km/h. The interior is a treat, too. It is simplistic and more similar to a regular family car than a complex heavy-duty tipper.


 6. Best Features With A Vast Service Network


Perhaps the most beneficial aspect for you finances, BharatBenz has a far-reaching network of dealerships and service centres throughout India, thanks to the trusted partner Globe Trucking. You can score some really good offers when buying truck fleets from them. It also opens up access to a lot of features like Truckonnect and Dieselaabh, which would help you get a better understanding of the minute aspects of your operation and save you a lot more money in the long run.


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With harsh conditions and an uncertain future, the decisions you make for your business now can affect it for decades to come. Hence, it is now more important than ever to analyse the quality of your tools for the price you pay for them. And in that regard, BharatBenz tipper trucks might be your best investment for heavy-duty hauling through the hardest and most remote landscapes in the country.

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