BharatBenz Trucks The Preferred Choice For Transporting Petroleum

 BharatBenz Trucks The Preferred Choice For Transporting Petroleum

While many people are vouching for alternative sources of energy, fossil fuels still remain the lifeblood of today’s economy. Just as coal dominates the energy sector, petroleum is an important resource for a lot of industries as well. And that is not limited to automobiles. Petroleum is also the source for a lot of raw materials ranging from plastics to asphalt for roads. Needless to say, this designates oil tankers as high-value cargo.

If you’re looking for the best of the trade, there are a lot of petroleum tanker dealers in Punjab that claim a lot of bang for the buck. However, none of them have stood the test of time like BharatBenz petroleum tankers. For years, BharatBenz is the premium choice for commercial vehicles in India, manufacturing various types of trucks, from tippers to heavy-duty 18-wheelers. In light of that, let’s look at some of the major reasons why they should be preferred for petroleum transport as well.



1. Crafted With Precision Engineering


If the name ‘BharatBenz’ reminds you a lot about ‘Mercedes-Benz’, you are not too far off. Both of these are organized under the single banner of Daimler AG, based in Germany. As such, BharatBenz borrows a lot of mechanical engineering prowess from its luxury car-making cousin and employs that technology to larger vehicles. As a result, all BharatBenz trucks are built to high standards and comply with all OISD, GVS, API, and PESO recommendations. Geez, you might need to Google those abbreviations. BharatBenz petroleum tankers also come with prerequisites such as anti-roll bars, a first-aid kit, and mandatory sanitization equipment. The front cabin is designed to be both aerodynamically efficient and crash-tested before production. Rest assured, in the event of a crash, all the occupants would walk away with nothing more than a few bruises.


2. Best-in-class Capacity


A major factor for the success or failure of your petroleum logistics would be how much can your oil tanker carry in one go. To save you the hassle, BharatBenz offers best-in-class carrying capacity for petroleum out of all the petroleum tanker dealers in Punjab. You can get a base chassis and customize your tanker to carry anywhere between 12-34 Kilolitres of petroleum. All BharatBenz petroleum tankers come with BS-VI compliant engines that are, on average, 10% more efficient than regular BS-IV diesel engines. This means a lot of saving if you’re looking at a lower cost of transportation per barrel of petroleum.


 3. Rugged And Reliable


Another reason why you might consider BharatBenz for your oil transport needs is reliability. Indian roads are harsh and often unforgiving. You might want the best quality of petroleum tankers if you want to ensure the delivery of such volatile and valuable material. All BharatBenz petroleum tankers are built to last hundreds of miles before they need any form of service. Not only that, BharatBenz tests each of its trucks rigorously before deploying the design for practical use. All such tankers are subjected to various stresses, road grades, and climate conditions before you can peruse them on your own at the nearest showroom.


 4. Superior Performance


The performance of BharatBenz trucks is something renowned in the circles of petroleum tanker dealers in Punjab. Equipped with the powerful OM 926 engine that puts out 286 hp and 1100 Nm of torque, BharatBenz petroleum tankers are able to deliver the thrust as required. With a hydraulic clutch, and power steering, all that girth is managed well by the driver. Moreover, these trucks can also feature a soft cruise control system that can take a lot of load off the drivers, who often need to drive through the night and negotiate heavy traffic along the way. Happy employees, happy company, eh?


 5. Convenience At Your Fingertips




Maintenance and running hassles are something of a deal-breaker for most petroleum tanker manufacturers. Lucky for you, BharatBenz doesn’t back down from such a challenge. Buying oil tankers from BharatBenz entitles you to a vast service network present throughout India, at the beck and call of your servicing needs with genuine parts and a fantastic crew. Included with that is the option for Truckonnect, a digital monitoring service that gives you a more transparent view of your fleets day-to-day activities. Truckonnect enables you to track each truck in real time, check maintenance schedules, and react to accidental situations in a swift fashion.


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There is no doubt that one day all oil reserves will run out and economies across the world will focus more on renewable energy resources to keep the lights on. But until then, oil tankers must be taken as valuable assets. Keeping that in mind, the choice of manufacturer is crucial to realize the goals and scope of the logistics of your business. If you truly want the best quality and save expenses on your operations long-term, BharatBenz proves that it is ready to handle the responsibility. You may be confused among a sea options to choose from, yet this is the one that shines out, and not just because of its vibrant star emblem.


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