How An Ideal Truck Maintenance Service Can Help Transform Businesses

How An Ideal Truck Maintenance Service Can Help Transform Businesses


“Business never sleeps.” That line has practically become a cliche to the corporate world. Thank God no manager in his/her good mind takes it seriously. Otherwise, we’ll have an epidemic of sleep-deprived zombies that will be worse than any variant of the coronavirus till date. No, what that line tries to convey is the fact that keeping a business going successfully at a constant pace requires a ton of work. Although there are a few commercial vehicle manufacturers, like BharatBenz trucks, that are renowned for great quality, proper maintenance is a key factor in determining the scope of success for your business.


This is where the BharatBenz Proserv comes into play. It is a truck maintenance software that provides you with the most efficient solutions regarding the well-being of your fleet, in the time and place that you would find them most convenient. This means that you can focus on expanding your business and leave the nitty-gritty of the fleet to the specialists in the field. That being said, let’s take a deeper dive into the service and understand how BharatBenz makes it happen.


 1 - Specialist Equipment And Talented Staff



Now, first thing’s first. You can’t start off anything even remotely related to maintenance if you don’t have the right tools and people for the job. Commercial vehicles that ply the roads in India see a lot of punishment on a daily basis. Thus, giving them a maintenance service that is both quick and effective is a tall order. However, that is not a challenge for someone like BharatBenz. Proserv offers your fleet access to world-class repair equipment, much of which is used through a digital interface. Along with that comes a dedicated group of highly-trained employees that take of care of the truck almost as much as you do. Well, maybe even better.


 2 - Digital Monitoring Of All Important Aspects



Through the use of various digital means such as After Sales Central(ASCENT) and computerized diagnostics systems, Proserv grants you the ability to ensure that nothing but the best service finds its way to your truck. This is a truck maintenance software that even includes a smartphone app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The Proserv app grants you access to a pool of useful information regarding all BharatBenz products and makes it easy to book service appointments pan India.


 3 - Swift Maintenance Anywhere, Anytime



Thing is, if you ever think of preferring BharatBenz trucks, you obviously value time in your logistical operations. These are built to encounter even the toughest of terrain with ease and get the stuff where it is needed well in advance. Therefore, any repairs for heroes as time-strapped as these need to be quick, thorough, and efficient, all at the same time. This is where Proserv shines on. Making use of dedicated express service bays, any truck can be repaired properly in record time. Not only that, Proserv also grants all drivers the advantage of roadside assistance. So, all their worries about breakdowns disappear like fairy dust.


 4 - Advantages Of BharatBenz Technology



A sister company to one of the best luxury car manufacturers in the world would obviously have some sibling influences. Commercial vehicles manufactured by BharatBenz are known for their advanced technology. Same thing also goes for their maintenance services. All Globe Trucking service stations are equipped with high-tech repair and diagnostic systems that deliver precise and reliable information, making it easier to point out flaws and repair them in a jiffy. If you compare this kind of service to a regular commercial service centre, it is like comparing an MRI to a stethoscope.


 5 - Lucrative Service Packs And Support 




For any business, profit is the boat that keeps it afloat. You cannot run a logistics operation with the best commercial trucks if it costs a fortune just to keep them running. That is something understood by BharatBenz, who are more than willing to keep your wallet nice and full. With Proserv, you can avail maintenance packages that get you discounts for every truck that pulls in for inspection or repairs. Not only that, there is also an extended warranty at your disposal. This can help you save a lot in case of major repairs. And adding to that is a network of support staff, both online and on call, that are ready to assist you 24/7.


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Logistics is a complicated business. There are a lot of wheels turning, literally, at the same time and a lot could go wrong with just a stroke of bad luck. Keeping in mind what importance such activities have for any country’s economy, let alone the biggest democracy on Earth, the stakes are really high. Therefore, it is all the merrier that services like Proserv are there to take the load off. Having someone watch your back in time of need and ensuring smooth sailing is a comfort that both owners and staff equally deserve.

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