All The Things That You Should Know Before Buying a BharatBenz School Bus

All The Things That You Should Know Before Buying a BharatBenz School Bus


As more and more students strive to report to schools across the country, school boards look for the right school bus manufacturer to cater to their transportation needs. School buses are a convenient and safe way for children to manage their day-to-day transportation without a drain on their budget. They also allow for an easier allocation of logistics for an institution as the buses can be used to transport other critical supplies when not in regular use.


For the average school bus price in Punjab, you may see a lot of institutions going for BharatBenz. It is a tried and trusted brand with decades of experience. As a result, if you want an expansive fleet of buses for your school, you may also be tempted to do the same. But what is it that actually makes a brand like BharatBenz stand out from the crowd? Here’s a list of all the things you should know before buying a BharatBenz school bus.


 1. Best Value For Quality



For the price of a BharatBenz school bus you get exactly what you pay for. All such buses are high quality with BS6-compliant engines and ample space for passengers. Every bus has premium quality interior with adjustable seats and a wide berth between rows to allow for easier movement of hyperactive schoolchildren. The windows are retrofitted with safety bars and the outside of the bus is coated with high-visibility paint. Additionally, each and every bus is closely inspected for faults before leaving the assembly line and deployed to the assigned institution.


2. Safety Is A Priority



To be a major school bus manufacturer in India, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome, especially in the current economic climate. Thankfully, BharatBenz school buses don’t compromise on safety and comfort. All buses from BharatBenz come with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and skid-resistant vinyl flooring as standard. These ensure that the passengers in the bus remain safe during emergency braking conditions. Other safety features such as fire-retardant interiors, easily accessible emergency windows, an emergency kit, and tubeless radial tyres mean that parents can let their minds at ease as they send their kids to school.


3. Engineered To Be Durable


From the ground up, each and every BharatBenz school bus is built for the gruelling troubles of daily commutes. As school buses travel a lot further and a lot more often than most other city vehicles, it is essential to keep them as durable as possible to save on running costs. Thus, for the price of a BharatBenz school bus, you get a sturdy framework for the chassis and specially designed parabolic suspension. Both of these help to keep the centre of gravity low and ease the comfort of the passengers. The engine used in BharatBenz buses is a 4D34i which puts out 170 hp and 520 Nm of torque. It is perfect to operate on thousands of kilometres without requiring so much as an oil change.


4. Amazing Services And Options



BharatBenz is committed to deliver more to the clients who are willing to go the extra mile. As such, for similarly priced school buses in Punjab, BharatBenz actually offers a lot of great offers for a school bus fleet. As a major school bus manufacturer, the company has a well-connected network of service centres, keeping the buses in optimum standards. They also offer services like Truckonnect and Dieselaabh to help maintain a smooth operation of the fleet. However, if that still doesn’t suffice, the company also has great deals for features like CCTV, RFID and GPS navigation, upscale interiors amongst various others.


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As such, you can never go wrong with selecting BharatBenz as the preferred choice for supplying your fleet of school buses. The company has a glorious history to draw from and several experienced members who work tirelessly to uphold the industry standards. Alongside all this, if something does require maintenance or repairs, you can always count on the vast network at your disposal to assist you out of any trouble.

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