BharatBenz School Bus: A Perfect Balance of Safety And Comfort

BharatBenz School Bus: A Perfect Balance of Safety And Comfort

Safety and comfort standards are always an indispensable part of traveling. Complying with these standards is always a must for all, whether it is a public or private vehicle. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH), Immense efforts from all corners showed a drop in road accidents by 18.4% in 2020 compared to the previous year.


Apart from the implementation of road safety rules, the safety-enabled features of vehicles have also significantly contributed to controlling the number of accidents. Manufacturers these days provide highly safe and comfortable buses through reputable retail dealerships like Globe Trucking Punjab


Safety and comfort are essential for all, but it becomes even more crucial for school buses. BharatBenz, a dominating school bus manufacturer, has top-notch safety and comfort standards that turn an ordinary school bus into a happy bus for the kids. The best part is that the BharatBenz school bus price is still affordable even after the additional features that provide immense safety and comfort. 


Features That Ensure Safety At Another Level




Following the goal "Ride protected, Ride Happy," BharatBenz school buses have been made extra safe with outstanding features. Following are some features that bring safety and bring you out from worrying. 


  • Stop Sign


The first step toward safety comes when kids get on the bus. To ensure boarding is as safe, a stop sign is installed externally on the BharatBenz school bus.


  • Exit Doors Are Saviors


Exit doors work as saviors in a situation like a mishap. These doors are made super-easy to access in the school buses.


  • Window Guards


Windows providing light and air ventilation can become a safety loophole in a school bus; thus, rails on the windows ensure kids ride safely with a smile. 


  • Robust Bus Body Design


The shape and body give strength to the bus, and it should be strong enough. BharatBenz makes sure to use robust material for its school buses.


  • Handling It Better


BharatBenz school bus drivers get better hands-on handling due to the wide chassis frame, tubeless tires, and anti-roll bars at the front and back, making it a stable vehicle.


  • Safe Movement


Moving in the aisle is entirely safe due to two different features. One is the high-quality anti-skid flooring to ensure kids don't plunge to the floor. Also, there are grab handles installed on the roof for safe movement.


  • Fire Safety 


Fire safety is also kept at the utmost priority in safety standards. BharatBenz uses fire retardant materials to design the interior of the bus.


Comfort Leading Features Of BharatBenz School Bus 



When we consider safety as the most important aspect, do we need to compromise on the comfort part? No, not at all. Advanced and high-end automobile manufacturers like BharatBenz have enabled vehicles with full-on safety and full-on comfort. 


  • Comfortable Seats


Comfort is equally important, whether it's a daily commute or a long journey. Having a comfortable seat on the bus is what kids want and BharatBenz buses ensure providing it. 


  • Armrest


Making their arms restless can cause discomfort, and BharatBenz hatest that. Soft armrests provide comfort and safety on sharp turns during the journey. 


  • Bottle Holders


One essential but important school bus feature is bottle holders to ensure kids have their hands free and travel comfortably. 


  • Low NVH


Outside noise can also disturb kids going from home to school or vice-versa. BharatBenz school buses are built differently with reduced NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) features to ensure kids enjoy the quiet rides. 


  • The Bottom Line


Be it the school management, guardians, or the kids, BharatBenz receives appreciation, trust, and love from all three corners. It is all because of the higher standards of safety and comfort being followed while manufacturing the buses for the future. Ultimately, manufacturing such safe and comfy buses aims to make efforts toward the vision of "Driving Tomorrow's Dream."  


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