5 Reasons Staff Buses Keep Your Company Financially Stronger

5 Reasons Staff Buses Keep Your Company Financially Stronger


Many companies might not know, but staff buses can be beneficial in many ways. The most significant benefit is providing financial strength to the companies. Having no employee transportation can push your company to skate on thin ice. While in-house transport can save a company from unnecessary investments and direct or indirect financial losses can be avoided. 


Due to the importance of staff transportation, the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) market and the bus manufacturing market are also seeing significant growth. The MaaS market is expected to reach $44 bn by 2027 with a 5.44% CAGR. On the other side, major bus manufacturers like BharatBenz Bus and bus dealerships like Globe Trucking Punjab have noticed growth in their markets. 


If you’re still not convinced about choosing an in-house employee bus as a transportation option, then these valid reasons will turn the tables for you. Here are the five reasons stating how staff buses strengthen a company. 


1. The Big Reason: Time Is Money


Employees commuting to the office on their vehicles or through public transportation usually get late, which goes opposite the popular saying, time is money. No one knows this better than the corporate world. In-house transportation can immediately solve this issue and ensure that every employee reaches the office promptly. 


It is not just a saying, but studies have proven that losing time really means losing money. Employees getting late to the office can cause substantial financial damage, and staff buses can save the company from it. According to Heathrow’s study in 2012, late coming employees caused a £9 billion loss to the UK economy. If a company wants its employees to be the bee’s knees, making them reach the office on time is crucial. 


2. Productivity Is The Profit





Despite having the best staff and infrastructure, your business may face repeated losses because of impacted employee productivity. And what affects it? Being in a rush and getting late to the office can be the reason. Always keep in mind that employee productivity is your profit. Heathrow’s study shows that employees who come late to the office bring stress with them and can negatively impact their productivity. Before the impacted productivity becomes a fly in the ointment, boost the employee productivity with in-house staff buses.


3. No Unnecessary Investment



When employees come to the office in their vehicles, their parking responsibility is upon the employer. It results in heavy investment in parking spaces. No doubt companies can charge a parking fee from employees, but it remains a business of no profit. Investment in a vast parking space and staff will lead your company nowhere. Here comes the catch, in-house staff transportation is the best solution to save your company from such an unnecessary investment. Investing in high-quality buses manufactured by reputed brands like BharatBenz Bus is way better than the massive investment in large parking spaces. Maintenance is also cost-effective when you buy buses from a top bus dealership, i.e., Globe Trucking Punjab.


4. Reputation Build-up



Companies spend a lot of money on reputation, but do you know that having staff buses also contributes to brand reputation? Providing buses for staff presents your company as one that seriously cares about the employee welfare and the environment. Not only this, but in-house bus transportation represents good company culture, and a study shows that it contributes to revenue growth too.


5. Cost-effective Transportation



Some companies bear the travel costs for their employees, but refunding hefty travel bills becomes an expensive task. In-house buses for travel can become a cost-effective method to apply here. Rather than reimbursements of the hefty travel bills or paying huge travel allowances to the employees, companies can simply have their buses for travel. 


The Bottom Line


It may sound like a wonder, but staff buses can help companies become financially stronger. A question of investment is always raised whenever it comes to in-house buses for staff. The answer to this question is to have affordable buses offered by top-quality bus manufacturers and sellers such as BharatBenz Bus, Globe Trucking Punjab, etc. Undoubtedly, the in-house facility saves time, builds reputation, avoids unnecessary investments, and makes transportation a cost-effective system without fail. 

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