Top 5 BharatBenz CV Features That Should Be A Part Of Every Truck In The Country

Top 5 BharatBenz CV Features That Should Be A Part Of Every Truck In The Country

For any logistics business, the vehicles that haul cargo form the backbone of the organization. It is the reason why they should always be taken into consideration along with the staff who operates them. While there are standards that commercial vehicles need to abide by on Indian roads, the changing times have called for a more proactive approach.


Most cargo trucks in India are crudely put together, with many corners cut in relation to safety and quality. Not so with BharatBenz vehicles. These are built with utmost attention to detail and come with many perks not available with most other supply trucks on Indian roads. Such benefits can not only add to a more prosperous business venture but also make the roads much more bearable for regular traffic. After all, commuters are always afraid of large supply trucks that can cause a lot of problems if not handled carefully.


In that spirit, here are a few features that you get for a BharatBenz vehicles price tag. Features that should be in every cargo truck of the country.


  • Hydraulic Power Steering



For a vehicle having a wheelbase several metres long, it is hard to make tight turns in a crowded street or keep it stable during a long straight. This is where the hydraulic power steering can assist with the handling. Working on the principle of fluid dynamics, it requires much less effort from the driver when compared to regular steering on other commercial vehicles. The chances of fatigue, even after thousands of Kilometres, are usually low.


  • Dual-Line Brakes With ABS



Stoppages, especially emergency ones, are hard to make on large trucks due to the momentum of their sheer size. It is why dual-line brakes are important to grant the control of speed to the driver. Additionally, an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is required to make sure that the truck doesn’t go careening off the road. The roads in this country need any vehicle to remain in control no matter the obstacles on the road. With BharatBenz vehicles in your fleet, you can rest easy in the fact that your crew and cargo will remain out of harm’s way.


  • Strong, Stable Chassis



A major part of the gross vehicle weight goes to the chassis and suspension of the truck. It is the underlying structure that grants safety and stability to the vehicle. No matter which BharatBenz truck you consider, you will always find a robust chassis to go with it. It has an accessible design to allow for easy long-term maintenance. Manufactured in channel sections with cross members, a typical BharatBenz chassis is able to take on a lot of weight without deformation while keeping the passengers safe during unfortunate circumstances.


  • Fuel-Efficient BSVI Engine



Although there is a push for greener alternatives, diesel trucks are still the most reliable method to transport goods via roads. That is why it is important to use only necessary amount of fuel for each supply run to keep your pocket and the environmental pollution in check. BharatBenz trucks are made with fuel-efficient BSVI rated engines that not only keep your fuel costs low but also worry you less with maintenance schedules. Using Ad Blu, such engines have very low emissions and comply with new air pollution norms in both urban areas and open highways.


  • Digital Tracking And Safety Features



In an age where smart devices are slowly taking over most aspects of our lives, why should cargo trucks be left out? When you consider the BharatBenz vehicles price, it comes with access to a lot of services that can make the lives of all operators easier. For instance, one such service is Truckonnect. It can help you monitor all the vehicles in your fleet in real time. You can pull up things like average fuel consumption, error diagnostics, and route playback on your digital device of choice.


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Creating safe and reliable vehicles is always a tall order to ask of any manufacturer. However, BharatBenz is stepping up the game to get more out of its vehicles for Indian roads. It is not only the lower purchasing cost that gets you the maximum profits but the savings in the running conditions, too. It should be easy to get access to spare parts and avail the necessary services when required. With Globe Trucking, you can get the best deals on all BharatBenz CVs in Punjab. No matter your fleet requirements, we can provide the services to keep you focused on your business, not the apparatus.

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