BharatBenz Haulage Truck Applications You've Never Heard Of

BharatBenz Haulage Truck Applications You've Never Heard Of

Trucking is way more transformed now and still growing significantly in India. The number of trucks on roads will go up to 17 million by 2050, as per a report published by NITI Aayog.


Before investing in a haulage truck, business owners need to know the different applications of a haulage truck. Road transport is a broad segment that serves 70% of domestic freight demand in India. Thus it becomes essential for the buyers to choose the best haulage truck for their preferred segment, as there are different haulage trucks for various applications. 


Most commonly, buyers look into aspects of haulage truck price, features, quality, durability, and the manufacturer. But what's the most crucial aspect to focus on? The usage of the truck for various applications is one of the most important aspects to focus on. 


BharatBenz meets the requirements of various segments by having a wide range of trucks. Not only applications but the affordable BharatBenz truck price is also an aspect that attracts truck buyers. 


Haulage Truck Applications:


Commercial Transportation


Transporting commercial goods from one point to another is one of the most common applications of haulage trucks. Availability of goods is a necessity for urbanization, and it makes the trucks a lifeline of the goods transport sector.


  • Heavy Industrial Machinery


Establishing any industry anywhere is not possible without proper machinery. Robust transportation networks and resources are important to bring machinery and other infrastructure to the place of establishment. Haulage trucks under the heavy-duty category are one of the best options here to get heavy industrial machinery moved from point A to B. 


  • Heavy Duty Hauling


Heavy duty hauling is an application that becomes handy in special transportation requirements such as military equipment, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, etc. Heavy-duty haulage trucks fulfill the requirements by providing enough power to haul heavy materials.


  • Construction Material Movement


It also comes under heavy-duty movement, so HDT (Heavy Duty Trucks) are also commonly used in this sector. Choosing tippers, in this case, is the best way to have all the construction materials moved toward the site. 


Types of Haulage Trucks


Knowing the applications of haulage trucks is not enough; you need to know the different types of haulage trucks. Basically, we can classify trucks into two parts as follow: 


  1. HDT (Heavy Duty Trucks)
  2. MDT (Medium Duty Trucks)


Why Haulage Trucks?


A question might keep popping up in your mind, why haulage trucks? The answer to this question can be given in detail with the features and benefits of haulage trucks. Following are some significant benefits of haulage trucks that make them a perfect choice for next goods transportation. 


  • Time


Trucks save time for you while transporting anything because these vehicles are manufactured with specific requirements. These trucks have all you need for your transportation requirement, saving you time.


  • Cost


BharatBenz truck price is affordable if we look at the wide range. You need to figure out your requirements, and then you need to find the appropriate product for your business. 


  • Capacity


As you can see, from medium to heavy, all trucks have a specific capacity per their applications. The BharatBenz haulage trucks have more than enough power. 


  • Fuel Efficiency


The fuel efficiency of a commercial vehicle makes it a cost-effective and profitable asset for the company. This is what you should rely upon haulage trucks provided by Globe Trucking dealerships.


  • Safety of goods


Moving goods, equipment, or anything from one place to another is only sometimes safe. Always, there is a risk of damage associated. Having high-quality haulage trucks is the only solution that you need. Choosing appropriate haulage trucks for your requirement and considering all safety aspects helps you achieve zero-damage movement.




Various applications and a wide range of products might need to be clarified for aspiring haulage truck buyers. Being informed is the best way to reach a point of decision. If choosing your truck seems confusing, then getting expert guidance will help you land on the spot you desire. Globe Trucking provides a wide range of haulage trucks that fulfill all your transportation needs. Haulage trucks are built for varied applications; they are of different types, so you must choose wisely. 

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