Punjabi By Choice: Famous Highway Dhabas You Must Stop By!

Punjabi By Choice: Famous Highway Dhabas You Must Stop By!


For Indian food to taste delicious, the three main ingredients of a majority of the recipes are salt, oil, and spices. Similarly, for the road trip to become memorable, the three central elements are good company, smooth and comfortable drive and en-route roadside eateries called the Dhabas. Stationed on almost all highways in India, these joints have become an integral part of any road excursion. Moreover, no motorway voyage is considered enjoyable and successful unless there have been a couple of pit stops for fuelling the gruelling stomach at the understated shacks. They may not look top-notch or grand, but the traditional experience and the food they offer have the most authentic taste, the vibrancy of the region and are filled with a lot of buttery white love.


So, in case you are planning your next road trip to or from Punjab highways, let's look at a list of 6 famous Highway Dhabas that you ought to stop by before you reach your final destination-


1. Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba


 Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba


Established almost 50 years ago, Amrik Sukhdev is located on NH1 and is unlike a traditional roadside eating place. It is sophisticated, has uniformed servers, wooden tables and chairs, and air conditioning to beat the heat. 


The Dhaba had a humble beginning as it initially only catered to the needs of truck drivers, who would halt to stretch after a long yet comfortable drive of the BharatBenz Heavy Duty Commercial Trucks on a charpoy and eat a delicious meal of a dal, roti, sabzi and rice. But, over the years, its popularity grew among other travellers too, and today, it is a famous stopover spot that offers a wide variety of both north and south Indian delicacies and even serves global flavours like Chinese, Continental, etc. 


A significant landmark on the GT Road, Sukhdev Ka Dhaba is a must-try when travelling between New Delhi and Punjab. Do order their Amritsari Kulcha, Aaloo Paratha, Mix Paratha, Lassi and sweet milky tea. 


2. Haveli Heritage