How BharatBenz School Buses Ensure Safer Travels For The Future Of The Country

How BharatBenz School Buses Ensure Safer Travels For The Future Of The Country

Schoolchildren represent an important part of our society. Young minds free from most burdens can be molded to do wonders in the future. However, it is important to ensure that these bright minds make it to their places of learning conveniently and safely. For that, few other alternatives are as effective and efficient as BharatBenz school buses. Designed keeping in mind the needs of the regular school-going kids, these vehicles provide the ideal platform for their commutes.


Studies have shown time and again that school buses are the preferred way of travel for a majority of school-going children, both in rural and urban areas. Of course, with the way bus prices in Punjab are, it is a critical point of investment for most educational institutions. If you get the wrong deal, it is not just the finances of the school that are in trouble, but the future of the many hopeful families in the long run. Thankfully, the BharatBenz 1014 bus price fetches you a package that brings in the best elements for safety while retaining value. Sounds interesting? Here’s how.


 1- A Sturdy Beginning Framework



Unlike most other manufacturers, BharatBenz starts from the very basics. The chassis of BharatBenz school buses utilizes a tubular steel structure with the . It is built to have a high rollover angle of 44 degrees by keeping the centre of gravity low. Combined with a semi-elliptic leaf spring suspension, it can absorb most of the irregularities thrown its way. In simple terms, it is a highly stable frame, perfect for the harsh road conditions of India.


 2- A Cocoon Of Comfort



Of course, ferrying hyperactive kids to and from school is a tall order. Thankfully, it is made easier when you are willing to pay the BharatBenz 1014 bus price. The lightweight chassis allows for the bus to be equipped with anti-skid floor and fire retardant interiors. The stiff structure can support easy-grab handlebars for all the passengers. The ladder-type frame can allow for a variety of seating options without space becoming a hindrance when the buses finally roll out for use.


 3- Ferrying With Confidence



Not just the passengers, the element of safety is extended to the driver’s cabin as well. All school buses from BharatBenz come standard with state-of-the-art Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that provides ample control during emergency braking situations. Speaking of control, there are the wide brake lines and hydraulic assisted power steering, keeping the driver confident and the passengers content throughout every trip.


 4- Keeping A Close Watch



For any school commute, the parents are the most worried since they can’t monitor their kids all the way. The school and home are secure places but the passage in-between is less so. No such worries for the children travelling in BharatBenz buses. There is a provision for CCTV and RFID installation for every school bus, granting real-time data to the institution for every vehicle. This makes it easier for the staff to keep track of all buses in the fleet real-time, letting them know the instant something seems off with the route or stoppage.


 5- Never Far From Help



The measure of safety is also determined by the quality of parts and the condition of the vehicles in the fleet. With Globe Trucking, both these aspects are guaranteed if you go by the book. Globe Trucking offers genuine, high-quality parts for maintenance of all BharatBenz vehicles across Punjab, with a 24X7 roadside assistance on call whenever needed. In case of any unfortunate event, all school buses are just one phone call away from the expert help they can avail. So, none of them can stay stuck for long.


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Unlike regular logistics, school transports have a much bigger responsibility that often goes overlooked by many administrations. Therefore, it is essential go the right way in the very first stage: deciding which buses to build the fleet from. The bus prices in Punjab often make the push for lower costs, but the safety of the schoolchildren should always be a priority. With BharatBenz, you are not only fulfilling that very goal, but also cultivating savings long-term with the exceptional build quality and fuel efficiency.

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