Key Points to maintain BharatBenz truck in winters

Key Points to maintain BharatBenz truck in winters


Maintaining a heavy vehicle during winter is a big challenge for truck drivers. A plethora of points must be considered while taking care of your truck during winter. Sometimes forgetting a single thing can lead you to a major malfunction that causes unnecessary loss in terms of money and time. 


Fortunately, BharatBenz trucks come with robust technology that provides features to tackle every situation, even winters. However, taking care of your truck during winter is a crucial thing to do for truckers. 


According to the type of truck, there can be some changes or modifications in the truck care tips for winter. But most of the time, there are some basic tips that you can apply to keep your truck on track even during harsh winter situations. Whether it is a tipper or haulage truck, winter care tips are always important and similar for all types of trucks. So let's get started with these tips: 


1. Tires


One of the most important parts of your truck that are going to be impacted by harsh winters is the tire. Tires can affect the overall performance when they are not treated well during winter. Air pressure to the tire's grip, everything plays a vital role in the truck's overall performance. Keep checking the air pressure, and keep your truck slow on slippery and snowy roads. 


2. Fuel Efficiency


Maintaining your truck's fuel efficiency during winter is also a challenge for truckers. BharatBenz trucks come with high fuel efficiency, and it can be achieved only if you maintain the truck according to the instructions provided in the service manual. Choosing high-quality fuel will help you get the most out of your truck. High-quality fuel can overcome the issues caused by cold weather, such as thickening. Using a fuel additive also helps you maintain efficiency. 


3. Regular Inspection


Before going on a long route, it is important to inspect your vehicle. Not only before the beginning, but you should keep inspecting your BharatBenz truck during the journey. Set different checkpoints for your truck inspection and keep on checking different parts and systems of the truck. 


4. Engine Temperature


It becomes difficult for the engine to reach its optimal temperature during harsh cold weather. Using an engine block heater can be a helpful thing here. It helps the engine attain a temperature optimal for smooth functionality that improves the truck's overall performance. 


Other Tips To Consider:


Apart from the parts of the BharatBenz truck, tipper or haulage truck, some other things are important to keep in mind while driving a truck in winter. Here are these important tips to follow: 


Go Slow


Due to fog, truckers might face low visibility on roads. Low visibility can cause accidents, so it is important to go slow and use proper driving rules made specifically for winter situations.


Keep Distance


Keep more than a fixed distance from the vehicles ahead of you. It is a really important thing to consider to avoid accidents during winter. 


Keep First Aid        


Cold weather is not only bad for the truck's performance but can also impact the truckers' health. Keeping the necessary first aid kit along with winter-specific elements is important for truckers. 




Steps that truckers use to get into the truck become slippery during winter due to snow. Always keep a check on the steps to avoid slipping on them. 


Bottom Line


A lot of things should be taken care of while driving a truck during winter. Truckers should be aware of all of these important points. However, consulting with an expert is also important because that will help you tackle the problems more effectively. Globe Trucking Punjab provides 24X7 assistance to truckers. If you feel anything wrong with your BharatBenz truck, contact Globe Trucking Punjab. 


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