How to ensure gear and tyre safety for heavy vehicle?

How to ensure gear and tyre safety for heavy vehicle?


Maintaining a vehicle is important, and it becomes crucial when it comes to heavy vehicles, whether it is a school bus, staff bus or truck. You can get the most out of your heavy vehicles if maintained properly. The performance of a vehicle mostly depends upon two things: the power and strength and the maintenance of the vehicle.


Timely maintenance can keep the gearbox smooth and functional for a long time, and also tires become durable. The way of driving is also important to optimize vehicle performance. So it is always better to choose a powerful heavy vehicle like the BharatBenz bus or BharatBenz truck and follow good maintenance practices for higher performance. Here we are with some good practices to ensure gear and tyre safety for a heavy vehicle.

Gearbox Maintenance and Prevention Tips for Heavy Vehicles


Gearbox troubleshooting becomes an annoying thing for drivers and operators. However, if you keep the gearbox safety tips in mind, there are fewer chances of malfunction. Gearbox maintenance is important because the gearbox is one of the most moving parts of a vehicle. Precise parts in a gearbox need attention once in a while to ensure they fit together precisely and perfectly. 


  • Hear the sound


This tip is essential on every gearbox inspection checklist. By just hearing the gearbox sound, you can easily determine whether it is running effortlessly or not. Be aware of the sound that comes out of the normal working gearbox and notice any change occurred. Anytime you start your vehicle and put the gears into the force, listen for a few seconds before moving forward. Any change in the sound means there might be something wrong going on. Visit a heavy vehicle maintenance service like BharatBenz and get your vehicle diagnosis.


  • Proper Lubrication


If you ask how to increase the life of a gearbox, then lubrication is one of the most important aspects to focus on. Timely lubrication of gears is a necessity to ensure the smooth moving of gears. Friction generates heat, which is not good for the gearbox's health. You can choose the right lubrication grease or oil per your subjective vehicle applications. 


  • Drive It Smoothly


Rough and improper driving practices also increase the chances of damage to the gearbox of a heavy vehicle. Being aware of good practices is always preferred while driving a heavy vehicle. Frequent gear shifting, sudden brakes, quickly released clutch, etc., can impact the transmission negatively.


  • Keep It Checked 


If you find any unusual thing in the gearbox, it is the right time to get a professional hand on it. Get your vehicle from a maintenance service provider and let the professionals do their job.


Tyre Maintenance Tips for Heavy Vehicles


Tires bear the whole weight of the vehicle, even at higher speeds. They are the only parts that work directly against the different terrains with different forces. Checking the tire's condition becomes important because they certainly affect a vehicle's overall performance. You should be aware of ensuring tyre safety every time you drive to achieve durability. There are some tips for tyre safety that make your tyre work smoothly for a longer period.


  • Rotate Tires


Experts recommend that it is good to rotate tires after every five to six thousand miles of travel. 

It keeps them in good condition as the heavy vehicle tires can wear down unevenly. Regular rotation is a must for every heavy vehicle.


  • Air Pressure


Air pressure inside the tires matters a lot regarding the tire condition and the overall truck or bus performance. Regularly check the air pressure and maintain it as per the manufacturer's standards.


  • Drive Smoothly


Driving style also matters while ensuring the tire safety of heavy vehicles such as a school bus or a truck. Quick acceleration on rough terrains, driving over the speed limit and many other driving habits cause damage to the tires. Try to keep it as smooth as possible.


  • Perfect Alignment


Make sure that the heavy vehicle tires are properly aligned before you start the journey. The balance between tires is crucial for overall performance optimization and tire safety in heavier vehicles like trucks or buses.




Maintaining a vehicle is no less than a responsibility. To ensure the durability and high performance, it is important to keep a close eye on certain parts of your heavy vehicle. Among these, the tires and gearbox are one of the most crucial things to check. To ensure tyre safety, one should follow a tyre rotation routine, adequate air pressure, etc. While for an effortlessly working gearbox, one should focus on lubrication and smooth drive. 


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